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FreetimeVray. Q: How to assign values to dates in an R dataframe I have a dataframe that contains dates in the format "mm/dd/yy" e.g.: Date Value 12/11/2013 1.11 02/14/2014 2.14 10/15/2016 3.16 I need to convert the dates to a different format and assign a value to the date, I need something like this Date Value 01/01/2014 1.11 02/01/2014 2.14 01/01/2014 1.11 In the above example, I would assign a value of 1.11 to the first row, and a value of 2.14 to the second row, but I don't know how to assign values to dates. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! A: We can convert the Date column to Date class using as.Date as.Date(df$Date, format = "%m/%d/%Y") #[1] "2014-01-01" "2014-01-01" "2014-01-01" "2014-01-01" Or use strptime as.Date(strptime(df$Date, format = "%m/%d/%Y")) Or another option is to first convert to character class and then to Date as.Date(as.character(df$Date), format = "%m/%d/%Y") data df Q: How can I get a specific part of a file name using regex? I have several files with the following names: What I need is to have 2 values, 01 and 03. Is





CRACK Vray 5.4.02 Max 2018

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